Due to the current health situation in Norway, our meetings and rehearsals for the next month are cancelled and therefore we will not be able to realize our performance on the planned time. We thank everyone who has already contacted us through e-mail, and we will send more information soon.  


We would like to invite performers, dancers, artists and non-artists with interest in body practices to participate in a new version of the performance ‘FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE’, a piece for public space.

The piece will be presented in three towns:
-  Alta, with Alta Kunstforening
-  Karasjok, with Sami Center for Contemporary Art, Karasjok
- Sortland, with Sortland Kunstforening

We will invite between 4-5 people, and participants must be from or living in Troms and Finnmark region. The participants will receive a small fee, travel and accommodation.

If interested, please send us an e-mail with: your contact details (name and phone nr.), a few sentences about yourself, and preferably images of your work.
This should be sent by April 6th to:

Thematics & Content

In the piece, a group of performers slowly cross a public area. Re-enacting a repertoire of movements related to emergency procedures, such as techniques of crawling, hiding and dragging each other’s bodies, the performance unfolds a state of continuous collective resistance. Almost as a painting in motion, the action investigates the potential minimalist movements in the public realm and what politics of scale can emerge between body and landscape.

The work is choreographed by Bianca Hisse and performed together with Guri Simone Øveraas. It is made possible with support from Kulturrådet, Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Nordic Culture Fund and Troms og Finnmark Fylkeskommune.