birds are not real  

Digital animation w/ Markus Garvin

A few years ago, a group of urban planners have found that some species of urban birds were incorporating cellulose cigarette filters into their nests. Filters were stripped of their paper wrapping and were apparently used by the birds as a substitute for fluffy air-born seeds and seed materials. This new habit could be just one more obvious example of human behaviour’s impact on the environment, but an unexpected fact was overlooked: the possibility that these birds eventually pick up live cigarette butts, and therefore, when their nests are located in buildings this could have been the cause of catastrophic fire accidents.   

While nature slowly shifts situations caused by human actions in surprising ways, this piece examines where intervention tilts into embodiment, or the other way around. Using as material a dead sparrow found in the house I live in, the bird was 3d-scanned and remodelled, its textures and colours were maintained, and a subtle movement was added, giving it a new life in digital form. The animation as a tool for drafting reversions of a naturally inalterable past also invites us to think of how human language affects our perception of nature. In this piece, the bird lays in a nest involved in smoke, referrencing the infrastructural event caused by these species of urban birds.

Exhibition view: Apaitsiiso @ Small Projects, 2019 [click here for description]

Found in April 2019.