São Paulo, Brasil

Lives and works in Norway

From a continuous movement between visual arts and dance, Bianca's practice delves into language twists and movement flows to investigate how today’s societies are choreographed. She grew up in São Paulo, in a family whose displacement from Lebanon to Brazil is a recurring inspiration to her work.

Fast-paced monologues, actions in public space, ironic manifestos, industrial materiality and other elements common to urban contexts are central in her pieces, normally employed to question current politics of circulation and the complex movement dynamics we are part of. Through diagrams, performances and textual installations, Bianca asks herself if artistic practices can unleash unexpected approaches to what words can do - and how our structures are moving.

She has exhibited and developed projects at São Paulo Culture Center - CCSP, Sofia Performance Art Festival (Bulgaria), Tromsø Kunstforening, Small Projects, Vent Space (Tallinn), Galleri Snerk, Kulta Scenekunsthus, PRAKSIS Oslo and Kunstnernes Hus. Bianca was recently a resident with Københavns Internationale Teater in Copenhagen, and was selected by Platform Nord to participate in a international joint working programme with UK Young Artists, in which she exhibited at UKYA City Takeover in Nottingham, and the Festival for Young Nordic Contemporary Art in Kristiansand (2019).

Among her grants and awards are the BKH Kunststudentstipend (Norway), São Paulo Culture Center Award - 1st Videodance Exhibition (2015), and more recently the Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter 2019 grant for Art in public space, in which Bianca will continue her latest performance piece 'Fight fire with fire' and exhibit in venues around Northern Norway in 2020, including the Sámi Center for Contemporary Art and Alta Kunstforening.

She holds a Master in Fine Arts from Kunstakademiet i Tromsø (2019) and a Bachelor in Performing Arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2016)




2017-2019 Master Fine Arts, Kunstakademiet i Tromsø, Norway
2013-2016 Bachelor Dance / Performing Arts, Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo, Brasil
2010-2012 Técnico em Arte Dramática, Teatro Escola Célia Helena, São Paulo

solo exhibitions & performances2019 Vent Space: A safe place for criticism, Tallinn
2019 Small Projects: Apaitsiiso, Tromsø, NO
2019 Fight fire with fire / performance in public space in collaboration with Guri Simone Øveraas and Renato Bolelli Rebouças, Tromsø
2018 Galleri Snerk: Transfusion, Tromsø, NO
2017 Casa Líquida: Fator de queda n# 3, São Paulo, Brasil
2016 PUC-SP: Parademolições, São Paulo, Brasil

group exhibitions
2019 (upcoming) The 12th International Media Art Festival Cyland, St. Petersburg
2019 (upcoming) Open Out Festival 2019, Tromsø, NO
2019 (upcoming) Festival for ung nordisk samtidskunst, Kristiansand, NO
2019 (upcoming) Performance Art Bergen, NO
2019 The Eastern Question, Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, Bulgaria
2019 Tromsø Kunstforening, MA degree exhibition 10-26 May
2019 Center for Contemporary Con-artists, Tromsø, NO 14-18 June 
2019 UK Young Artists, Nottingham Playhouse, UK
2018 Sharing - Bridging - Holding, PRAKSIS Oslo / Kunstnernes Hus
2018 Gata Festival, Deflection: they say it's an object, we think it's a trick, Tromsø, NO
2018 KULTA Scenekunst Hus, Dynamics of reflection, Tromsø, NO
2017 Kuturnatta 2017, OUT OF (group show), Tromsø, NO
2016 10th Sao Carlos Videodance Festival  / São Carlos, Brasil
2016 FranceDanse Brasil 2016, performer at ‘Cribles’, by Emmanuelle Huynh. SESC Santana, São Paulo, BR.
2015 USP São Paulo International Theatre Biennial with La Pocha Nostra (Mexico). 
2015 Frystiklefinn Theater, ig zot ik (solo) / Rif, Iceland
2015 Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, 1st videodance exhibitiion / Semanas da Dança, São Paulo, Brasil
2015 Espaço Aberto Pierrot Lunar, Ritual, Belo Horizonte, Brasil

residences, partnerships, collaborations
2019 (upcoming) Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, NO*
2019 Metropolis / Københavs Internationale Teater, Copenhagen, DK
2018 PRAKSIS Oslo and Kunstnernes Hus, NO
2018 Uncapitals: Northern Fragility, Kjøllefjord, Norway (+ screening at Inversia Festival 2019, Murmansk)
2017 Lab 'para estar junto', com Marcus Moreno, Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, São Paulo
2016 Research Residency: Poetics of Destruction, led by Renato Bolelli Rebouças, Laboratory of Performative Practices, University of São Paulo, BR 
2016 Transbordação / Dora Smék, Festival Per-forma: biopolíticas, formas de re-existir, SESC Bom Retiro, São Paulo
2015 Residency Programme 2015, Frystiklefinn Theatre, Iceland
2015 Exercises for rebel artists, com La Pocha Nostra (MEX), Centro Compartilhado de Criação, São Paulo
2015 2° Intercâmbio de idéias e ações: resistência, com Núcleo Cinematográfico de Dança, São Paulo

published texts and printed matter
2019 Nork Magazine vol 4.: GREEN
2018 Partial Privacy, Hakapik.no
2018 Olvidar - Brumaria Works #9
2018 Nork Magazine Year Planner
2018 Self interview, Sculptorvox vol.2
2018 Inapresentação, Revista Ensaia n.4 vol.5
2017 Fall Factor n three, Mondo Books @ Lofoten International Art Festival 2017

2019 Kunst som bryr seg, Mariann Enge, KUNSTKRITIKK, 11/06/19
2019 MA/BA: Bianca Hisse, Intervew with Hilde Sørstrøm, Hakapik kunstkritikk, 07/06/19
2019 Not a day without a photograph, Veronica Viluma, FOLD, 04/01/19

talks, teaching and others
2019 Lecture: Four infrastructural movements for a burning social body, Sofia International Performance Art Festival
2018 Artist talk, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 16/10
2017-2018 Curatorial team of Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, NO
2018 Dancelab Dansens Hus, Tromsø
2016-2017 Teacher of Theater / Performing Arts @ Cultura Inglesa, SP
2015; Body and movement, workshop, Frystiklefinn Theater, Rif Iceland

grants, awards
2019 Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond - kunststudent stipend 
2019 Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter - Prosjekter i offentlige rom 2020
2019 Kulturrådet / Arts Council Norway, 1-year Miscellaneous grant for newly graduated artists
2019 OCA Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Travel support
2019 Danse-og Teatersentrum / Performing Arts Hub Norway
2019 Etableringsatelier for nyutdannede visuelle kunstnere, Troms fylkeskultursenter
2018 Tvibitstigen, Tromsø Kommune
2015 Award 1st videodance exhibition - Weeks of Dance, São Paulo Culture Center (CCSP)