a delightful sense of
something accomplished

Long duration performance
Galleri Snerk

The title makes reference to a quote by British explorer, art critic and mountaineer Martin Conway:

"It is delightful to behold the blank paper slowly covered with the semblance, however vague, of a portion of the earth's surface before unmapped...
Each mile traversed explains the mile that went before...
Every march solves a problem and leaves in the heart of the surveyor a delightful sense of something accomplished". 

For 5 hours, the performer prints pages related to polar expeditions and the historical colonization of the arctic, juxtaposing everything in the same sheet of paper, until its original content turns into black blurs. The performance is a durational act resulting in the production of small books. The piece highlights the exhaustive reproduction of certain dominant narratives, in which its unceasing repetition throughout history transforms our collective memories into a big collection of abstractions.

@ Kulturnatta 2017
Tromsø, NO