dynamics of reflection

Dance, 30 min

Dynamics of Reflection brings a collection of gestures performed by the three main characters of Jean Luc Godard’s movie Bande a part. By rearranging acts of observing, sitting and waiting in a choreographic sequence, the performance initiates with a subtle dialogue with its public and their own corporal state. The performance is followed by a sound piece created with the performer's own reflections on violence, passivity and collective action.

"All that is new is by that fact automatically traditional"

In its cinematography, Bande a part explores styles from noir, comedy and classical police films, experimenting with the ambiguity inside the representation of a criminal. This dance draws parallels between a social "category" and its performative interpretation, always referencing the movie through direct quotes or movements. In the second part, the performer reenacts the iconic dance scene of Bande a part using only her arms. Instead of two male partners, she interacts with two steel pipes. Throught a conceptual recreation of an already overly exhausted choreography, the piece investigates reflection as a physical event in constant negotiation with body, space, objects and sound. Reflection as representation of a problem; reflection as a dynamic unfolding of actions.  
Feb 2018 KULTA Scenekunsthus, Tromsø, NO
Apr 2018 Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, NO
Feb 2019 UK Young Artists, Nottingham, UK

Sound: Malin Lin Nordström
Photos: Inger Emilie Solheim
Video: Anton Benois