especially vulnerable

Botkyrka Konsthall
Stockholm, SE

‘During the late summer, artist Bianca Hisse from Tromsø, Norway / São Paulo, Brazil, has stayed in Residence Botkyrka in Fittja and explored the public space through her performance practice.

Traversing visual arts and movement-based situations, her work investigates how today’s societies are choreographed, proposing a counter-rhythm to the prevailing social pattern in which there is a constant demand to perform.

In the Archive at Botkyrka Konsthall, Especially Vulnerable is presented, a project that moves within the urban infrastructure, in between power stations and walkways through Northern Botkyrka. The vulnerability of the individual body is placed in a larger context of societal structures and spatial norms. The project includes sculptural objects, reference material and a documented performance made in collaboration with Lasmi Belmar.’