europa del este en romance
con la telenovela latinoamericana

Installation and durational performance
in collaboration with María Luisa Sanín Peña

Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, Croatia
February 2020

The project takes the form of a performative installation. Drawing inspiration from Latin American telenovelas broadcasted in the former Yugoslavia, the gallery is unfolded into a social space, a faux tropical paradise, or a cheap and exaggerated re-enactment of an imported melodrama. The space wishes to explore the similarity between processes of nostalgia across these two cultures: the construction of blurred narratives of the past and Otherness: other spaces, other cultures, and the comical generalizations that these mis-constructions may generate.

"Who would think that a genre so criticised by Latin American intellectuals would be the one who would open us the doors to the image market [in former Yugoslavia] and, even more so, who would believe it would be so well liked. The saying goes well: nobody is a prophet in their own land." - Ramon Salgueiro

Photos: Damir Žižić and