fight fire with fire 

combater fogo com fogo

Performance, 30 min

Fight fire with fire is a performance in public space. In this piece, two performers slowly cross a large field. Almost merging with the arctic landscape, they unfold physical possibilities of crawling and dragging techniques used in fire fighting, following a choreographed circuit in the space. The piece activates a scenery of multiple codifications while their movements - even if executed in slow and controlled pace - relate to the imaginary of rescuing procedures and the imminence (or the subsequence) of an environmental accident. The actions carried throughout the performance intend to stretch this ambiguous and calm atmosphere to the limit by never reaching a climax or a situation of increased intensity. It also investigates minimalist – but collective – movements in public space and what it generates in relation to its landscape. While most is seen by distance, the performance is followed by an audio piece in which a narrator reflects on physical, architectonic and technological movements inside hypothetical fire accidents - from climate change provoking uncontrollable forest fires to thermal surveillance cameras adapted to IPhones. The text is composed by scientific articles, newspaper headlines, memes and anonymous comments left on Internet forums. They all relate to real fires happened in 2018, although no explicit reference is made.

Concept: Bianca Hisse
Performers: Bianca Hisse and Guri Simone Øveraas
Video+text contribution: Renato Bolelli Rebouças
Video documentation: Mihaly Stefanovicz
Photography: Kristine Rød
Assistance: Terje Grimen, Markus Garvin, William Bentsen, Inger Emilie Solheim, Tromsø Brannstasjon (special thanks to Markus Ottosen and Kaj Christiansen)

Supported by Tvibitstigen 2018