soft play 

In collaboration with Shahrzad Malekian
Galerie 35m2 & SUMO Festival

A group of performers drag, carry, and support each other through the city. Almost like a slow painting in motion, their movements appear and disappear among the passersby, merging a long-lasting choreographic composition with the architectural and social patterns of the city.

Soft Play is inspired by Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed, but also by a variety of other sources such as children's play, protests, political struggles and police control Soft Play explores the sculptural potential of the body and how power dynamics, dominance and verticality manifest in the social arena.


Michaela Dašková
Darja Lukjanenko
Edita Antalova
Tereza Holubová
Eva Urbanová
Shira Roth
Petra Smutná