thanking you for your
immediate attention

group exhibition Drei Tage bis zum Ende der Kunst
curated by Ana Dević / What, How and for Whom (WHW)
Zagreb, Croatia

The piece consists of a movement score performed by a group of people in a public area. Starting without announcement and blended within the quotidian context of the situation, the performers juxtapose two simultaneous actions: lying horizontally on the ground in slow motion, and feverously applauding each other.

Borrowing its title from a 1965’s text by Yvonne Rainer, which conveys the paradox of performative time and duration, the immediacy and the ephemerality of a performance, the piece first activates an impulsive release of energy and attention through clapping, then gradually slows it down with ephemeral sculptural bodies scattered in the space.

Thanking you for your immediate attention is a spontaneous disruption on the verticality of the body. It is a collective applause, a self-acknowledgment, a gesture of celebrating the temporality of our bodies, as well as the sound, the silence and the empty spaces between them. 

Performed during lockdown in Zagreb, Kroatia.