Installation, performance;
Steel pipes, needles, ice

Solo exhibition @ Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, NO

Contrasting the notion of contemporary fluidity with political and economic issues of the Global North, Transfusion is composed by sculptural objects made of galvanized steel and small needles, which are sustained by hidden magnets, revealing an inherent tension inside each of them. The steel pieces were gathered over the course of several months along the coastal region of Tromsø. The material was collected from waste containers or through direct negotiation with the industries.
In the opening night, squared ice blocks were placed in between the sculptures. As the ice melts, the visual outcome of the installation is what results from this non-human entropic process. The project attempted to re ect upon the production of space as the reproduction of domination policies, questioning if art can re-signify conditioned spatial systems. Transfusion intended to connect two divergent perceptions of natural uids: one guided by its physical force and another guided by its metaphoric and exchange value.

Photos: Inger Emilie Solheim and Jonas Bentzer